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Our Story

We are Innovators

AYR was created by a group of AR designers, developers and marketing professionals who wanted to be at the forefront of the immersive reality revolution.   Started in the midwest of the United States where the winters are long, AYR quickly grew to be a regional, national and international firm; with a global partner network, capable of not only delivering game-changing products but also generating ROI for our clients.   

What We Do

we deliver Solutions

AYR delivers solutions that expands the capacity of our clients to expand market share, build next-level brands that extends customer loyalty, leverage market intelligence to gain a competitive edge, and expand revenue to achieve significant ROI.

 Our Leadership

AYR’s leadership team is committed to delivering value for our clients.  AYR was founded by two guys who like to spend their free time fishing for bass in  lakes and rivers of the midwest.  They include:

Damon Dorsey, Founder/President.   Damon is an entrepreneur, innovator and a get-it-done-kind-of-guy.   He is a hybrid of a practical corporate executive and a hyper-entrepreneurial visionary.  As a Co-Founder of AYR, Damon is responsible for defining strategic direction, ensuring that the firm has the capacity to deliver game-changing products to services to our customers.

Brandon Apitz, Founder/ VP Creative Marketing.  Brandon is an artist, entrepreneur, marketing guru and much more.  He is a jack of all trades master of none kind of guy.   He has that unique ability to see the forest, and the trees.   He can do just about anything.   Brandon is responsible for project design, development, management and support; ensuring that customers get the outcome they need to take their product to the next level.



World Class XR Design and Development team


We reflect the needs & specifics of every client – matching experience with expectation. 


A unique understanding of UX specifics in VR | AR. We create a design that meets practicality.


Our most senior developers have more than 8 years of Unity Experience and VR | AR development.


We never leave you hanging. Exploring a new reality is a long-term and ongoing commitment.